When YOU Breathe Your Last Breath

We ALL die!  Someday YOU will no longer be alive on planet earth. 


What will happen to YOU when you breathe your last breath?

You are an eternal being, and you will live forever.  You have a soul.  Can you choose where your home will be after your life on planet earth?

BUT FIRST!  ~ What if YOU don’t believe that you will live forever?

Are you really willing to take the chance that you may be wrong?  Are you really willing to risk not choosing where your forever home will be?  I suggest you say a prayer to God and ask Him to show you the truth . . . “Jesus, please show me if it is true that I will live forever.  Please show me that You are real so I can make the most important decision of my life.  I don’t want to make a mistake about this.  To live forever is a long time.”  He will show you that He is real!




Talk to God . . .

“Dear Lord Jesus . . .   I confess to you all my sins.  I am tired of reaping the consequences of sin.  I will die in my sins if you don’t rescue me. 

Please forgive me for every wrong thing I have ever done {elaborate here} and cleanse me from them. 

I need you Lord Jesus and ask that You will come to me and make Your home in my heart.  I give You my life.  I pray that You would make me a new person. 

I believe that You love me and even now have received me as Your child.  Thank you for forgiving my sins. 

Thank you for accepting me and making me Your child this day.  Lord, I receive Your Holy Spirit to make me a good and obedient child.  Amen.”

~ Sin is the issue (Romans 6:23) ~

~ Admit you are a sinner (Romans 3:23) ~

~ Admit you need a Saviour (Romans 5:8) ~

~ Confess your sins (1 John 1:9) ~

~ Ask God to save you (Romans 10:13) ~

~ Believe in your heart (John 3:16-18) ~

~ Confess with your mouth (Romans 10:9-11) ~

~ Receive it by faith (John 11:25) ~

Start your new life with God.  He has good plans for you.  Each day you will learn to know God more as you pray and read the Bible.  He will transform your life. 


You will learn how to live your life in a way that makes God smile!