GPS“Recalculating … recalculating … recalculating … recalculating … recalculating … recalculating!”

The voice of my GPS kept reminding me over and over and over again that I did not take the street it had planned for me to take.

On a visit to Moncton, New Brunswick, I arrived earlier than I had anticipated so I decided to drive around and explore. I drove wherever I wanted to with no destination in mind.  

I left my GPS on and after about the tenth time it said, “Recalculating!”, I told it to be quiet. Sometimes I talk to my GPS. I then laughed because even though the GPS voice was annoying, I love my GPS! It keeps me on track and gets me to where I need to go without the major headache of trying to follow a paper map while driving. 

Just as I was thinking about loving my GPS, I had another thought speak loudly and directly into my heart leaving one of those impressions I will never forget. 

The thought was that no matter how many times I take a wrong path, God is like my GPS. When I go the wrong direction, He instantly recalculates and creates the plan for my life to still lead me to where He planned for me to go – to the destiny He created me for.

I can stray one kilometer or 500 kilometers off the path; it doesn’t matter how far. God will never give up on me and continues to recalculate and point the way.

Sometimes I have purposely chosen to disobey God and have strayed miles off course; He still led me back. Other times pain or hurt have caused me to be afraid, and I steered off course to try and avoid the pain because of my lack of trust in God’s ability to give me the strength to persevere in spite of pain and hardship.

Many times I have strayed from the path for just a short little distance only to quickly take the next street when I hear “recalculating” and veer back into the right direction. There have been times I didn’t quite understand where I was supposed to go and never purposely or intentionally strayed from the path but inadvertently got a little lost.  God still lovingly smiles and grabs my hand saying, “Recalculating.” 

I can see God’s smile; it is the most awesome smile you will ever see with love beaming from eyes that love you more than you can ever imagine. My Heavenly Father knows me intimately and knows how desperately I need Him to hold my hand and show me the way. My Heavenly Father knows without Him I am so lost.

Other times when driving my car, the GPS recalculates because of construction on the highway or I ask it to recalculate because of an accident. Events occur that are not in my hands to resolve that take me down a different path. I wonder if that happens in the spiritual too? Other people’s decisions to not go where God tells them to go may mean that God recalculates my path. What an amazing mind God has! 

” ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11 NASB)

I have also noticed when using my GPS that when I am by myself, I rarely make a mistake in where I am going. I clearly hear the directions and focus on going where the voice is leading me. However, when I have someone else in the car with me and we get talking and laughing, I often hear the words “recalculating”. 

You can have clear directions being told to you but because of being inattentive to the voice you can still miss a turn in the road.

God is so very faithful and loves me so much! He always over and over and over and over again recalculates my path so that I am continually being drawn to Him, His plan, His purpose and His destiny for my life. 

I am thankful for my GPS but so much more thankful for God. He is an awesome God who never gives up and teaches me and loves me when I just don’t get it right. He always cheers me on and says, “Esther, you will get there! Just trust me. Listen to my voice. I know the plans I have for you, and I love you!” 


When I am With You, I am Home!

Attachment-1My prayer . . .

 When I am with You, I am home! 

My worship to You is my heart and every cell and part of my being reaching out to You to let You know that I love You.  I adore You, Jesus!  

Everything about You is what I want to be like.  Everything about You is holy and awesome and worthy and loving and true and just and merciful.  I don’t have enough words to express how incredible You are!

I often express my worship to You in my thoughts and heart by inwardly adoring You, and I know You understand the words I cannot express.  You are great in understanding. (** See Psalm 147:5)) 

When I worship You in Your presence, I am HOME!  It is the only time and moments on this earth when my spirit flies free and my heart sings, “Father God, I love being with You all the time!”  You are my home.  You are my life.  You are what I breathe for.  You are everything I long for.  

Jesus, worship is my life’s response to Your awesomeness.  Everyday, there are moments when my worship is flawed by sin; You know my heart.  When I sin and turn to You and ask Your forgiveness, You forgive me always.  No human is as faithful as You are.

Often I am oh so quiet before You; other times, I sing and loudly declare that You are King .  You are so worthy to be loudly declared as King.  The earth should have sounds of loud praise constantly reaching into the heavens to You instead of the cursing and complaining that comes from people’s mouths – the very people You created.  The people who would have no life without You.

Other times in the day, I worship You with my work or doing the things that need done in a day.  Then, there are those awesome times when the beautiful little birds are singing.  I then say, “Father, thank you so very much for the gift of the birds singing.  You are so incredible that You bless me with such beautiful sounds.” 

It amazes me that I am Your daughter.  You chose me even though I am so unworthy and have nothing to offer You but my love, heart and a human life that has been marred by sin – I am a flawed person who messes up and sins.  Thank You so much that You made a way for me to personally be able to worship You and be in Your Holy presence.

There is no one who loves me like You do.  There is no one who forgives me like You do.  There is no one who deserves my worship but You.  You are so good!  You are royalty yet You are also my Dad who looks after me.  You are my protector and provider.

 I know You smile when I worship You.  I have felt Your smile in my heart and know You are moved when I bow my heart before You.   It astonishes me that when I worship You I can move the heart of the God of the universe.

My worship to You is not just for what You do for me or the things You give me.  My love and worship is because of who You are – I love You, Jesus!  I want to always love You the person … the God who just wanted us to choose to walk and talk with You in the garden.

I don’t want our relationship to ever change.  Let me be like David when He danced before You … free!  Free to express my love with everything I am and to worship You with reckless abandon.  May I worship You with excellence (give you the best I have to give).  I give You my heart God – my everything.

I always want to be a little girl in my heart with You.  You are my life and home.  My heart fits with You.  You are the only place I 100% fit. 

When I breathe my last breath, I have this hope You have given me.  I will slip into Your Heavenly home to be with You forever.  There, face to face, I can hold up my heart to You, and I will be home forever.

I often picture in my mind holding up my heart to You while living here on earth.  Sometimes I have held in in my hands and held it out to You and cried loudly saying, “God, my heart is oh so broken, please fix it.”  I have been like a little kid with a broken toy asking their Dad to fix it.  Other times I have held out my heart and said, “Here is my heart; let Your will be done in my life – I surrender to Your ways.” 

I’m going to close this letter now God.  We could talk a long long time.  I love You and forever will always long to be close to You … forever I will be with You.  I choose to walk with You and talk with You … I worship you!  When I worship You, I am home.”

*** Do you spend time with Jesus each day just to be with Him?  Do you spend time with Him because You love Him?  Do you truly worship Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength?